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Zia Shred Day

April 05, 2018

If you grew up in the 90s (or just watched a lot of TV during the decade), we’ve got a quick pop-culture pop quiz for you. We’ll say the first part of a phrase, and you’ll see if you can complete it. Sound fun? Cool. Here we go!

Just set it…”

You shouted “…and forget it!” without even thinking, didn’t you?

Whether or not your family ever purchased one of Ron Popeil’s infamous rotisserie ovens, the infomercial’s unofficial slogan perfectly illustrates how a simple saying can stick with us for decades. If a catchphrase can be used that effectively for marketing purposes, doesn’t it make sense to harness that same power for something even more important? Something like protecting your identity?

Shred it and forget it!

In 2017, more than 15.7 million people fell victim to identity theft and fraud, with overall losses topping $16 billion. Statistics like that highlight the ongoing importance of consumers taking proactive steps to protect themselves. While much has been written about protecting your identity online, shredding paper documents and receipts is still an incredibly efficient way to protect your valuable information like social security numbers, account numbers, and financial details.

Throwing these documents away may reduce the clutter in your home, but you can never be sure whether those statements fall into the wrong hands after you take out the trash. Just because you wouldn’t consider dumpster diving to snag someone else’s personal information doesn’t mean that identity thieves are above the practice.  Shredding your documents before trashing them is a reliable way to ensure your personal information stays private. That’s right; when it comes to getting rid of your paper-based personal records, you can—wait for it—"Shred it and forget it!”

But wait, there’s more!

Zia will be partnering with Del Norte Credit Union to offer multiple free commercial shredding services in the parking lot of Del Norte. This is an opportunity for members to minimize the risk of identity theft by shredding documents that contain sensitive personal and financial details. 

Join us at any of our three Shred Day events:

April 14 at Los Alamos
June 9 at Española
July 14 at White Rock

Please limit your shred content to 2 file boxes or 5 lbs. 

While shredding is an essential step towards safeguarding your identity, Zia understands that it takes a multi-step approach to protect yourself against theft or fraud. That’s why we also offer paperless solutions like mobile banking and online statements. Check out our Facebook page for times and dates. 

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