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Something To Wag Your Tail About

The holidays can be ruff—especially on your finances. If you are worried about making multiple payments this holiday season...just skip it!

With Zia's Holiday Skip-A-Pay, you can skip your loan payment for November, December, or January!* This puts a little extra money in your pocket to make this season extra magical. 

So, skip the stress this year with Zia!


*This offer is valid 11/01/2020 – 01/31/2021. The following types of loans are not included: Single Payment, Real Estate, Mobile Home, Credit Cards and Lines-ofCredit. All Zia Credit Union accounts must be current and in good standing, at least six (6) months of payments must have been made on the loan(s) you wish to skip, payments may not be skipped for two (2) consecutive months, and a loan may not be paid more than 90 days in advance. $40 fee(s) must be paid prior to processing. This offer is not transferable and may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, or coupons. Deferment of payment will extend the life of the loan(s) and may cause an increase in the total finance charge and final payment amount. The first payment after the skipped period may be all, or in part, applied to accrued interest. The extension of the loan(s) may not be covered by credit insurance or Guaranteed Asset Protection coverage you may have. If the loan payment(s) is/are made by Zia Credit Union internal transfer, cash, or Bill Pay, the due date will advance according to the payment schedule, skipping the appropriate number of payments equivalent to one month. If the loan payment(s) is/are automatically deducted through payroll distribution, ACH origination, or from an account at another institution, we will deposit the payment to your regular savings (share) account on the payment due date. Interest continues to accrue, and all other loan terms and provisions remain unchanged. This agreement does not constitute a new loan. Federally insured by the NCUA.