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Did you know that Zia rewards its members for their loyalty? The more Zia products you have, the more you can ZAP your rate! But what does that mean?
You can ZAP UP your certificate rate by up to 0.50% depending on what other products you have with Zia. Have a checking account? ZAP! Also, have a credit card? ZAP again! So, for example, instead of earning 0.70% APY on a 60-month certificate (minimum balance $1,000) you could instead earn 1.2% APY*! 
On the other hand, we know you are looking for the lowest possible loan rates. You can ZAP DOWN your loan rates by up to 0.60%! Direct deposit? Consumer loan? Certificate? ZAP, ZAP, ZAP! Let’s say you qualify for a 60-month new auto loan, zero percent down, at 2.74% APR. ZAP it down to 2.14% APR**! And, with auto loans specifically, ask us about BONUS ZAPS for which you may qualify.
Look for these icons on our website or contact us to find out all the ways you can ZAP and save!
*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Visit for the most current rates and conditions.  
**APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Visit for the most current rates and conditions.